Segment 8


During this attack there was only one plane lost.As Kleiss was heading back to the carrier he came across another SBD [Annotator's note: Douglas SBD Dauntless, naval dive bombers]. The pilot signalled him that he had been hit in the belly. Kleiss saw the plane land safely back on the ship.When Kleiss returned to the carrier he went to get a cup of coffee and prepared for a third flight. In the ready room they were played a recording of Nagumo [Annotator's note: Japanese Admiral Chuichi Nagumo] telling his men to take Midway at all costs.One of Kleiss' planes that was flown by O'Flaherty and Peter Gaido had to make a forced landing in the middle of the Japanese fleet and were picked up by a destroyer. They were treated well at first but that they would soon be interrogated and tortured.According to Kleiss, O'Flaherty and Gaido figured that if the Japanese heard the same story from two people they had tortured, they would believe it so they concocted a story which really didn't give any information at all.The two men were tortured and the information was passed on to Nagumo.The B-17s [Annotator's note: American B-17 Flying Fortress bombers] had gone out and dropped bombs on the Japanese ships. There were no hits. The Japanese had good men conning the ship that could avoid falling bombs.The B-17s started getting better information on Japanese procedure. They began flying lower and coming at the Japanese out of the sun. They still got no hits.Nagumo's ships could go 30 knots except their transports. Those were vulnerable to attacks by B-17s.Nagumo sent out the Mikuma and Mogami [Annotator's note: Japanese cruisers] to Midway to demolish everything in the area.Nagumo still had 2 carriers but they weren't the same as the 4 he had lost. He decided to call off the attack on Midway. Admiral Spruance [ Annotator's note: Raymond Ames Spruance] decided to turn away from the Japanese fleet during the night. The search resumed the following morning. They couldn't find the fleet but did find a destroyer. They couldn't get high enough to make a real dive bombing attack but did what they could. They scored no hits and the destroyer shot down a dive bomber.


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