Segment 1


Hannan gives some background about his life in prewar Italy. He explains the attitude of the German youth and of an elderly German lady. She revealed to Hannan that she did not like the Hitler Youth and made the comment that "I feel that we parents in Germany will never have peace until we shoot our own sons!" He was shocked by this statement. When he was in Budapest, Hungary he was warned by a woman to leave Germany and not stop until he reached Paris, France. He was stopped by German civilians in Munich, Germany. While in Munich, he was asked by Germans if his paper stating that Germany made a deal with the Russians was true. They said that in the previous issue last night it condemned communism and everything anti-German. Hannan responded that he did not know but that they should believe it. These two incidents were his introduction to what became World War II.From these and other experiences, he was convinced that the United States was going to have to handle Germany and most of Europe.Hannan volunteered for the Army and requested to become a Chaplain for a combat unit. They ignored the combat request, and sent him to a Florida Army Air Corps base to help handle the thousands of new recruits that were coming in on base.


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