Segment 4


Zager crossed the Rhine River into Austria. The Third Army had laid down a blanket of fog to cover the convoy. Some men were killed while they crossed the Rhine. Zager rode with the spearheading Third Army across the Rhine and into Austria.Zager references a book entitled the history of the 71st Division. [Annotator's Note: he proceeds to show the camera the book.]Zager came across a farm in Austria that had a secret compartment in one of its barns that held men. In the compartment were 20 Polish men who's job it was to maintain the farm. When they were not working, they were forced into their compartments. One of the parents begged Zager and his men to take their child, bring him to America and have him educated. That is exactly what Zager did, they found a uniform suitable for the kid to wear.Zagers lieutenant proclaimed, "If I had any god damn guts I would burn this town down." Zager volunteered to do it because he was a private and had nothing to lose. Zager started the firing of the town and that was all he heard about it.Every night was a struggle in terms of finding a place to sleep. Zager recalls an instance when him and his men had to sleep on the side of the road in snow and ice in nothing but a sleeping bag. Sometimes it was hard for Zager because he had to make sure he did not run people over. As a messenger who was constantly up on the front line he had to be mindful of soldiers in foxholes.


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