Segment 5


One night they were going to stay in one of Hermann Goering's [Annotator's Note: Commander of German Luftwaffe] mansions. It was rainy and muddy. There was about forty or so people who were trying to stay in this place. The men pulled the big red window curtains off of the walls and used them as blankets. Zager sat down at Goering's desk and opened up a compartment that had not been opened by previous looters. It contained a cigar box with silver commemorative coins in it.The next day the soldiers took off from Goering's mansion. They continued their push against a division of Wermacht [Annotator's Note: Germany Army] soldiers who were commanded by SS officers. After crossing the Rhine they ended up crossing the Danube river.Zager was driving one day when someone put a bullet through his windshield. He stopped the car, got out, loaded his M-1 [Annotator's Note: M1 Garand rifle] and fired at where the shot came from. He went to the other side of a tree where he had fired into and a dead Hungarian officer was laying on the other side.One night when Zager was returning back to the lines, one of the sentries informed him that there were a lot of his "countrymen" walking down the road that he was guarding. [Annotators Note: By countrymen Zager is referring to people of Jewish background.] The sentry informed Zager that they may be near a concentration camp. There were people walking down the side of the road who looked to be in miserable shape. He came upon a sorry sight. There were people obviously still locked inside the camp who could not get out. Zager was able to accelerate his Jeep to about thirty miles per hour and knock the gate down.


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