Segment 3


Going overseas was quite the adventure for Sherman. Sherman stopped at numerous points throughout the war. He was a member of the 11th Bomb Squadron in the 14th Air Force. Sherman's 1st mission was a formation flight. Everything was new and exciting, Sherman was 19 at the time. He didn't have time to be scared because he had a job to do. There were points of time when he was scared, but the overall feeling of being scared did not persist in his day to day. Sherman's 1st pilot flew the 1st 2 or 3 missions with Sherman and then got reassigned. Sherman came back from a night mission 1 time and their base was being bombed; they could not land. They sent the group to the south of the field. Chennault [Annotator"s Note: Lieutenant General Clair Lee Chennault, commander of the Flying Tigers] had a warning net set up that helped the pilots with whatever situation they were in. Once Sherman let the tower know that they were running low on fuel. They asked the plane if they wanted to bail out. They looked around and in the moonlight saw nothing but mountaintops and decided not to bail out. They gave Sherman's plane a heading. They came through and said, We're gonna set you down. We're gonna land you." They followed the heading as instructed and were told to put down the flaps and wheels and go down to landing speed. All the pilot and crew could see was blackness; the control tower told him to keep going and keep losing altitude. There were torches lit to light the runway. They set the plane down perfectly.


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