Segment 3


One night the men were on a 100 percent alert. Akins was manning the 37mm antitank gun. About 2:00 in the morning someone dove across the ridge right at Akins so he shot him. He fell in the hole with Akins. The next morning he could see that it was a Marine that he had killed. Akins was brought before the Colonel who asked if he was ok. He remembers the manÂ’s name to this day.While moving the gun across a creek one side of it dropped down. When Akins looked over he saw that the man on that side of the gun had been shot through the head.Akins feels that the people calling the shots in the war today have no idea how wars are fought and he is upset about it.Akins was 19 years old when he landed on Okinawa. He weighed 202 pounds when he landed and 81 days later he weighed 146 pounds. He didn't meet much resistance when they first landed. They cut across the island in three days. The army ran into severe combat. There were dead American and Japanese soldiers everywhere. When the Marines relieved the army they looked terrible. The army wasn't prepared for what they ran into. The Japanese had massive artillery pieces hidden in the hills with steel doors that were closed to hide them.


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