Segment 6


Akins oversaw some work details [Annotator's Note: overseeing Japanese soldiers in China after the war ended/during occupation duty]. They were clearing out a bone yard. They were cleaning up bodies. The civilians would fight to get to the refuse to have something to eat. Akins had to fend them off.Akins went to church in Tienstin, China [Annotator's Note: also spelled Tianjin, China]. There were hundreds, possibly thousands, of people of all denominations present.The service was presented on a stage and acted out so everyone would understand.Akins was on the line on Okinawa for 26 or 27 days the first time. They were taken off the line to get cleaned up. They would periodically go back to shower and get cleaned up.Akins' unit took quite a bit of casualties.When they would come off of the line to get cleaned up they would receive replacements. Akins spent a lot of time on the antitank gun but manned all of the company's weapons. He knocked out the chains on an enemy tank. Akins fired canister shot at the Japanese when they would banzai charge them.


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