Segment 8


The Marines knew they would be getting into "a yellow jacket's nest" if they had to invade Japan. When the war ended,  Akins unit got orders to go to China. Getting ashore in China was somewhat difficult.Akins spent three or four months in China after the war. His buddy went home before him. His friend had been in the Marine Corps for five or six years longer than Akins. They met while training on Pavuvu for the invasion of Okinawa.Akins thought that the people back home would have been more appreciative of what they did. Some of the men that Akins later coached fought and died in the Korean and Vietnam wars.Akins feels that having a National World War II Museum is very important.He was a school football coach for many years.When he was a kid he heard that money was the root of all evil and he now believes that is true.When Akins was a child he lived out in the sticks. His house had no floor. His teachers were there because they wanted to teach. Akins did the same thing. Now he sees ten coaches doing the job that one coach used to.Akins coached because he saw kids giving up.Akins was very bashful before he joined the Marines. The Marines make you fight every day whether it was wrestling or boxing. He realized that he was better than he thought and took that with him to coaching.The hardest part about climbing the ladder of success is getting through the crowd at the bottom.


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