Segment 14


[Annotators Note: Robert Walter was a platoon sergeant in Company L, 3rd Battalion, 393rd Infantry Regiment, 99th Infantry Division.]When Robert Walters legs were injured he passed through a field hospital then was sent to England. He was in England from 14 February until 18 or 19 May [Annotators Note: February through May 1945] when he was shipped back to the United States. He ended up at the hospital at Camp Atterbury, Indiana and was there until he got out on 18 September.He had been in the hospital for the better part of two months.Walter learned that many guys were getting out of the service because they wanted to start college. That was the way Walter got out even though he should have stayed in and completed his treatment. He still has trouble with his legs to this day.Walter was in the hospital in England when he heard that the Germans had surrendered. When the news broke everyone wanted to go on pass. Walter was not given a pass but went out anyway. He got caught when he returned to the hospital. When he got back he got chewed out by his captain who could have taken his stripes from him but did not. He just restricted him to base for one week. By the end of that week Walter was on a ship heading for teh United States.Walter believes that he returned home aboard the Queen Mary. It was a nice ride back. The sun was shining every day. Walter stayed up on deck every day. One day he saw a school of whales and he watched them for hours.When they got back they landed in Charleston, South Carolina on 2 June 1945. They stayed there over night then boarded a plane the next day for Camp Atterbury. They hit a storm on the way and had to land somewhere else.In France, in England, and back in the United States every time Walter was carried it was by German prisoners. He was treated very well.The next day they got back on the plane and flew to an airport near Camp Atterbury then went by bus to the base hospital.Walter was in the rehabilitation part of the hospital. Once he had his exercise for the day he could do whatever he wanted. He had a class A pass.Walter had brought his car to the hospital. The car needed new tires and Walter was given a pass to get four new ones. He also got a pass which allowed him to get unlimited fuel. Walter went into Indianapolis every day.


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