Segment 5


[Annotators Note: Robert Walter was a platoon sergeant in Company L, 3rd Battalion, 393rd Infantry Regiment, 99th Infantry Division.]When it came time to go Robert Walter told his men that they were going up the hill behind them. They took off running. A German machine gun started firing on them but they made it to the top without losing a man. Walter only lost one man during the Battle of the Bulge. The only man Walter lost during the Battle of the Bulge was a private named Snow from California. Snow had lay down behind the tree next to Walter during the fight to clear the Germans out of the kitchen area. During the fight to clear out the kitchen area Walter sat up to throw a hand grenade and saw a white flag pop up out of a foxhole about 30 yards to his right. It turned out that there was a German machine gun team in the foxhole that wanted to surrender. They never fired a shot at Walter or his men. When Walter got back by Private Snow he saw Snow still lying on the ground. He spoke to Snow but got no response. When he rolled him over Walter saw that Snow had been shot in the forehead and was dead. Some of Walters men were trying to throw a grenade into a building. Walter wanted to know what was in it. It turned out to be nothing. It was empty. The Germans they captured were happy. All of the Germans going through the forest were yelling and screaming like they were drunk and Walter could smell alcohol on his prisoners. Walter had a hillbilly from West Virginia with him who checked the German canteens. Sure enough there was alcohol in them. Walters platoon shared the alcohol.


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