Segment 3


Onesi and the other waist gunner were taken to a German hospital, he was wounded by a machine gun, but the Germans did not help them at all. After some prodding my his family, Onesi tell how he got out of the airplane. They saw the fighter plane, but it was out of range. As they were going down, he told the other waist gunner to get to the door. Onesi tried to get the door off, he finally his the door with this shoulder and he was sucked out of the airplane. Onesi and the other waist gunner landed close together.A French doctor found them and operated on the other waist gunner in a barn. They turned them over to the Germans at a hospital. They landed on the border of France and Germany. Onesi had a punctured lung from his shoot. They were in the hospital for a month and they both survived. He never thought of dying in the airplane or when he reached the ground. The Germans never interrogated him at the hospital. An older German soldier was able to communicate with Onesi through hand signals about the crew.After being in the hospital for a month, the Germans sent Onesi to Stuttgart for interrogation. They asked him about the US and the plane's crew. They did this for a week. The Germans knew more about his crew than he did.


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