Segment 5


Onesi remembers the first prisoner of war (POW) camp he was in. It was an older camp that the Germans added barracks to. The Americans were in the new part of the camp, the English in the older portion. When they reached Stuttgart, he remembers being shackled together and forced to march by a large, red headed German officer. He remembers the German police dogs and machine guns. They carried whatever they wanted to take with them, but they were marched so fast they had to drop all of their possessions. Onesi's friend Roger tried to take a phonograph with him, but Onesi forced him to drop it because they could not run fast enough. Some of the men could not make it. The younger German soldiers were not as understanding as the older soldiers.Onesi remembers one incident when a German soldier was electrocuted while working on an electrical pole and the American POWs cheered. The Germans fired straight into them. While they were transported between camps, they had some water, but the conditions were horrible. He remembers at least 200 men in the boat. The cattle cars were worse than anything else. They could not move at all and they had nothing to eat.


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