Segment 8


Onesi never returned to England to see his old base. He has no desire to go back, that chapter of his life is over. He recalls his crew coming together over a period of time, as they traveled from school to school. The majority of the crew was together before they went overseas, but their navigator was replaced in England. He knew he was hit while he was still in the airplane, the bullet remains behind his heart. When he was discharged from the Air Force, he received a full physical. He told the warrant officer that he was not going to put in for disability, so the officer did not tell him about the bullet. He found out 10 years after the war that he had a bullet behind his heart. He would choose to do it again if he had to. He has no regrets. He knew the war had to happen, the fighting, not the politics. He states he had nothing against the Germans, they were fighting the Nazis.


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