Segment 6


Barfoot has returned to Italy and France, but not back to Vietnam. He went all over France and Germany. He returned at the 50th Anniversary after World War II on an official visit and went back once on his own to see what it was like and toured the country. He was stationed in Germany too and while there, they traveled all over the country. He took his wife around and showed her some of the places he fought. He enjoyed going back. Barfoot talks with the interviewer about traveling to Europe.[Annotator’s Note: A monkey toy starts interrupting the casual conversation by randomly going off and playing a song.]Barfoot thinks future Americans should love their country and do all that they can for it. They shouldn’t criticize people doing their job, unless they have experience or unless they are a professional in their particular field. And most of all, he feels they should love their neighbor as they love themselves. He defines neighbors as anyone that has a belief in America. He feels that if you find someone that doesn't like America, you don't have to deal with him because he is not your neighbor.Barfoot feels he can only talk about what he did and what he recalls and felt. He feels young people should work their way through school and learn as much as they can about technology and learn to help others that are less fortunate. He also feels World War II changed his life by taking him off the farm where he was destined to work and where he never really dealt with the general public; it enabled him to see the world. He also would have never had the chance to meet the most wonderful lady in the world and have the beautiful family that he has. He also feels he wouldn't have survived the 88 years he had up to the time of this interview.Barfoot feels we need more history to allow people to see what America has been like. He feels if we want to evaluate ourselves between now and the future, we should look back. He feels that you’ll never know exactly where you are going, but you can get an idea of where you might be going if you look back at past history. He wonders if people that landed in America to start the country or if George Washington's forces could ever have conceived of where we'd be today. When Barfoot was a kid, he was very interested in machinery, but he could never conceive of what we have now. Our technology has grown by leaps and bounds. It is essential that we stay in touch with what is going on today. He looks at every paper he can, looks at a lot of books and documentation and he gets a glimpse of what is going on, but certainly doesn't know for sure. 


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