Segment 10


Baker retired in Idaho. One day he gets a call from a Professor Gibran at Shaw University. He asked what Baker knew about the Medal of Honor. Gibran told him Shaw University had been given $350,000 grant from the U.S. Army to research why no black soldiers had received the Medal of Honor during WWII. He told him he wanted to come to Idaho and talk about his action in WWII. He talked to Baker for a couple days. They were hard days for Baker. Their study showed that there had been recommendations but no one knows what happened to them. They recommended seven be awarded. Baker was the only one still living. Baker received a call from the White House one day and a woman told him to stay home and that she'd be calling him later. She was giving him progress on his Medal. During these calls a Captain Jackson and his driver showed up on Baker's doorstep. He told Baker he was his escort to the White House to receive the Medal of Honor. Captain Jackson was officious then but Baker grew to like him. This was December 1996. Jackson chopped wood for him.


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