Segment 12


War made Baker look at things differently after the war. He used to think of himself as a killer but then he started to think of the lives he took of enemy soldiers. War is not a contest; it's something horrible man has devised to gain goals. He gets angry at the politicians that foster war. Baker feels America has grown up. People with different colors of skin now talk to each other and not at each other. People in St. Maries, Idaho [Annotator's Note: where Baker was living at the time] know about the Medal. He's talked to many school children. His message to them is 'we are here as one' and that he doesn't see race - but sees America. He tells them to look forward and not back. The interviewee asks about what Baker's definition of hero is. Baker states that he can't say. He doesn't consider himself a hero. When he was a soldier he had a job to do and he did it. [Annotator's Note: the cameraman takes some close up shots of Baker]


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