Segment 6


Baker continues to describe his Medal of Honor actions in Italy. He begins cutting wire on the hill. The wire was covered with plastic and he'd never seen that before. The Germans didn't know they were coming. They were not taking any fire. They got to an unexpected area and didn't see a path. A German soldier came out below them and threw a potato masher [Annotator's Note: a German grenade] and it landed very near Captain Runyon. Baker shot the German and that made him mad because even in war he didn't want to shoot anybody in the back. He didn't want to shoot anybody in the back because in the western novels he used to read that was a bad thing to do. The German was only about 25 feet away. After Baker shot him they noticed a path. The grenade was a dud - it never exploded and it did not hit Runyon's helmet. [Annotator's Note: tape changes]Baker discusses Captain Runyon. Runyon got in the way of Baker's rifle when he went to shoot the German soldier but Runyon had left. A sergeant Dickens came out with a submachine gun. They waited to see if more Germans would come up. Baker took Dickens' submachine gun and went down and saw a car door stuck on the side of a hill. Baker put a grenade under the door and when it blew open a German stuck his head out and Baker shot him then continued on to find more Germans and threw a grenade at them. Baker wanted to go by himself. He was full of adrenaline. He went farther and there was another hole and tossed another grenade in it, killing more Germans. Baker describes the foxholes the Germans were in as elaborate. One of the dugouts was very well camouflaged from the air. Then Baker found two more Germans and shot them.


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