Segment 7


Baker continues describing his Medal of Honor actions in Italy in detail including what he was wearing. When he woke up in the morning he felt that someone was going to die that day. He was lucky in his choice of path as he missed walking into a large group of German soldiers further down the path at a marble processing plant. When he got back on the top of the hill the Germans saw them and started bombarding them with artillery from the castle. Baker discusses cutting communication lines. Baker did not know where Captain Runyon was at this time but they found him curled up on the floor. Runyon told Baker to get the men together and Baker told him he was doing his best and that everything was fine. Runyon told him he was leaving to go get reinforcements. Baker says "then I started to kill him," but he realized what he was doing and let him go. Baker knew he wasn't coming back. Baker decided to stay with his company. The Germans attacked them three times and left him with only six men. He gave his men the order to shoot at anything that moved. The German artillery wasn't very accurate, except for the mortars. He knew his men were wondering if they were going to stay there and die so eventually they moved out. He hated to leave. On the way back he lost a couple more men.


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