Segment 11


Baptiste feels that it is important for there to be a National World War II Museum. If they hadn't done what they did in World War II, Baptiste doesn't think that we would be here today. Even at his present age he would go back and do it again.He has a medal that he was awarded by congress for Pearl Harbor. He also has ribbons for his service in the Solomons.Baptiste hates to see New Orleans like it is today. We had the Marshall Plan which rebuilt Europe. He sees no reason why we shouldn't put it in here.He sees people living in poverty and having no hope or looking ahead. He feels that these are things he fought against. His father made 27 cents per hour and they lived well.All over the country he sees youngsters with no trade or training. Their parents have nothing so they come up hungry. They see what is going on on the other side and are bitter and resent it.The other day in Oakland a black woman who lived in a nice complex with her daughter went outside to see her Jaguar all bashed up and covered with swastikas.Baptiste doesn't hate anybody. He fought for everybody to be free. He thinks that the areas of New Orleans decimated by the storm [AnnotatorÂ’s Note: Hurricane Katrina] should be burned down and rebuilt, not just patched up. If we can rebuild Europe we can rebuild our cities.Baptiste is grateful for the interviewer and the staff of the museum. His nephew brought him to the museum. He thinks the museum is wonderful and that we need to keep places like this.He has been all over the world and has seen poverty. He prays that one day we can do away with it and have some peace.


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