Segment 12


Baptiste would be watchful. There are countries and people who want to see this country go under so he believes that we need to keep our guard up. He feels that the president [Annotator's Note: President George W. Bush] has done wonderful things for this country, “After all, we're all Americans”.Baptiste's children are all well educated. His granddaughter is a student at Dillard University.His wife was the first black librarian supervisor in Oakland. She did a marvelous job.In the southern part of the country they really believe in education.This country is the greatest in the world. People come from all over the world to live here.He tells all of the youngsters that they need to go to Delgado [Annotator's Note: Delgado Community College, New Orleans, Louisiana] or a trade school.Baptiste likes The National World War II Museum. He hopes his kids and grandkids will come here. He served and even though there was segregation he is proud. He has had a wonderful life and has been wonderfully treated by the VA [Annotator's Note: Veterans Affairs].Baptiste's children and grandchildren are very successful.Being able to tell his story is a lot off his mind. He is glad to be able to leave his story. This means a lot to him.


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