Segment 3


The Chandler [Annotator's Note: USS Chandle (DD-206)] had 4 stacks and had torpedo tubes and 4 inch guns. Baptiste became a trainer on a 4 inch gun. At that time there were less than 120 men aboard ship including 8 or 10 officers and about 6 mess boys.The crew slept together. There was no segregation. The officers were wonderful. Everyone aboard knew each other.In San Diego they had gunnery training. The target would be going south and they would be going north. Gunnery training was done off San Clemente.Baptiste remembers some beautiful times. He was paid 21 dollars per month. They could rent bicycles in Balboa Park and go to Fourth Street in San Diego for a big steak at a Japanese restaurant. The night club the Creole Palace was Baptiste's favorite place to hang out.The Chandler was sent to Mare Island [Annotator's Note: Mare Island Naval Shipyard] for overhaul. As a joke the men had been told that they would have to open the Golden Gate Bridge when the arrived in San Francisco.The Chandler had some wonderful officers. Mr. Morgan was the exec [Annotator's Note: slang for Executive Officer or second in command]. He taught school aboard the Melville [Annotator's Note: USS Melville (AD-2)] and Altair [Annotator's Note: USS Altair (AD-11)] and sent some young boys to the Naval Academy.An officer named Mr. DeLong from South Dakota was written about in Readers Digest. He had been selected to go to PT-Boat school. DeLong was sent to the Philippines and commanded the decoy boat when General Douglas MacArthur escaped [Annotator's Note: the information regarding DeLong being captain of a decoy boat is incorrect]. 


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