Segment 9


The Medusa [Annotator's Note: USS Medusa (AR-1)] was not far from them [AnnotatorÂ’s Note: during the attack on Pearl Harbor].Baptiste describes the Medusa depth charging a midget submarine.There was so much destruction in such a short while. They were surprised. The Japanese came in waves. Some of them had a one way ticket but he didn't see any.The Arizona [Annotator's Note: USS Arizona (BB-39)] still has fuel leaking out of it.When Baptiste came back from Guadalcanal he went to new construction. When he got there he was diagnosed with combat fatigue and was hospitalized in the naval hospital in Long Beach. He had never been hit by a bullet but mentally and physically he was bad off. He was supposed to leave the hospital on limited duty but his service was cut short because of his condition. One of his worst memories of the war was seeing the condition of some of the men. In the Solomons he saw people go berserk. He saw a gunner's mate on his ship go to pieces. One night they were in a battle and Jack Easton had to hit a guy to keep him from jumping overboard. It was tough to see people that you knew just snap.Baptiste is mentally, physically, and emotionally worn out. He wakes up sometimes and doesn't know where he is and has nightmares but can't figure out what the nightmares are about.


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