Segment 11


Any little thing Disanza could do to help the natives he did. They loved it as well. It was American ingenuity at its finest. Disanza was dropped off in Burma in a harbor. [Annotators Note: Disanza mentions the name of the harbor however I cannot discern what he is saying.] It was a small harbor where boats came in. Disanza walked everywhere. He even touched the Great Wall of China when he was over there. One time they had to go in pretty far. Disanza called it out and said, Hey, that looks like the Great Wall of China. Disanza walked up and touched the Wall so he could always say he touched it. Disanza notes that he has forgotten a lot. What he remembers today is the stuff that impressed him. Disanza ran out of gas one time in a boat. He was not able to reach the buoy. This incident occurred when Disanza was on a crash boat. Disanza grabbed onto a life preserver and an English PT boat picked him up. The boat was alongside the dock. Whoever tied it did a bad job and the boat started to drift out. Disanza was on the boat and tried to grab the line. Disanza grabbed the rope and swam towards the buoy. Disanza could not reach the buoy because of the tide. Disanza always put one or two lookouts out if they were in a village. They had nothing more than a stick on them. If someone was coming they tapped their stick against a tree. The Japanese this time came into a village and did their harm but Disanza and his men were able to catch up later with those Japanese. One time Disanza and his group was planning on setting the grass on fire to cause a distraction. The Japanese looked all over but could not find anyone. The Japanese had an inkling that someone was there that was not Japanese. If you were not Japanese you were going to get it from the Japanese. If the Japanese had known they were Americans they might have been looking a little harder. Disanza had to learn how to control himself and not make a move. Even if he had to urinate he stayed very still. A lot of things happened but Disanza is here today. Disanza picked a lot of things up out of necessity and not training.


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