Segment 12


When Disanza had to urinate he would take a knife and dig a small hole to urinate in. Disanza always noted that God was on his side. Most of the time Disanza was too scared to sleep but he also notes that you could not afford it. Disanza was 84 years old at the time of the interview. Disanza holds up an identification card which was his ID card in the OSS. Disanza was supposed to turn it in after he was discharged but he kept it. Disanza carried it with him throughout the war. Disanza keeps it in his wallet to this day. If anyone asked Disanza what he was doing he told them he worked in the underground balloon battalion as a joke. Disanza was asked to continue working in the OSS. They wanted to send Disanza to China but he did not want to go. Disanza got out completely. People used to ask Disanza what he did in the OSS. Disanza never told them the truth. If the service found out that certain guys were talking about their experience they would interject and tell them to keep their mouths shut. Disanza talks about his service with his family. Disanza told his family what he did as soon as they were old enough to understand. It did not take long for Disanza to talk about it. When the kids got older he talked about it. Disanza never talked to friends about it. Disanza kept certain things close to his chest. His family discovered his experiences as he got older and the family got older. Disanza never mentioned his experiences to his brothers. One of Disanza’s brothers finished 25 missions in a B-17. That brother remained in the reserve after the war. His brother who flew in a B-17 had terrible nightmares. After the war Disanza had some trouble sleeping. He would wake up covered in sweat and wonder why. Disanza has one brother who is still alive. Disanza rested when he came home from the war. Disanza got married and his uncle went into the egg business. His job was to deliver fresh eggs in a basket to people living in apartments. Disanza did that for a few months and then he went to work for an outfit called Falcon Buick. Disanza worked with them for nine or ten years.


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