Segment 13


Disanza worked in the office for Falcon Buick. His job was to be the follow-up guy. Disanza would contact the customer to tell them how much the work cost and when they could pick up their vehicle. Sometimes Disanza would work at night. They had stacks and stacks of orders that were never filed. Disanza would go in at night to file them. The boss knew Disanza stayed late but Disanza never asked for extra. Disanza got a 500 dollar bonus for staying late. They were very grateful for what Disanza did. Sometimes Disanza worked on a Sunday. His bosses name was Edward Miller. Disanza then started a career in sales. Disanza was able to take a couple of courses via the GI bill. Disanza would say offhand that he was successful. They had a layoff and Disanza was laid off. Disanza then got a job with Ford. Disanza never felt right selling the cars at the dealer price. Disanza ended up only selling trucks for Ford. None of Disanza’s experiences during World War II helped him with his business career. It did help his mindset however. He learned to always finish a job that he started. He always told his children that integrity was number one. Disanza is proud of his kids. The GI Bill helped Disanza get through school. He took a course on business management. He would not have taken that course unless he had the GI Bill to pay for it. Disanza’s son went to the same place Disanza went. His son has done very well business wise. Disanza learned to depend on himself in the Army. He did well throughout his life and this was a result of the Army. Now Disanza depends on his wife. Disanza always learned to follow through and finish the job.


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