Segment 14


Disanzas business lasted over 30 years. The war did not change Disanza drastically. Disanza was in the Civilian Conservation Corps and that helped him develop more into a man than the Army. At Disanza’s job they had a rule that if it was eight degrees or higher they were out in the field. If it was below eight degrees they had the day off. The CCC camp had Army instructors. Disanza has been saying for years that they should start the CCC up again. They would be more likely to be independent. Disanza thinks that one way a new CCC could be useful for is firefighting. They want people who are young and vigorous. If Disanza became very rich he would push someone to start that up again. Disanza believes that World War II definitely made the world smaller. Disanza never guessed that the military would take him on such adventures. Disanza believes that the war did a lot of good. It was good for the United States to help up the enemies we had defeated. Japan and Germany were essentially rebuilt by the United States. The Berlin air drop was also a big success. The C-47s hauled all types of supplies into East Berlin. The Korean War was a mistake in Disanza’s eyes. Disanza never cared for Truman. Disanza did not think that Truman firing MacArthur was a good idea. Disanza thinks that it is important for future generations to study World War II. He thinks that the younger generations need to learn more about sacrifice. Disanza also thinks that people need to know how we took care of Germany and Japan and Europe after the war. Disanza is frustrated that kids today do not know their history and geography. Disanza made sure that all of his children know geography and study it. Disanza hopes that future generations will teach their kids. Disanza wants World War II to be viewed as a necessity and a sacrifice. We knocked Hitler off. The Germans were sinking ships off of the coast of New Jersey and New York. Sometimes you could see the ships sticking out of the mud. It took awhile but the US finally realized that they needed a convoy system. God was on our side. Disanza went through the Depression. There is so much business going on and some of it is crooked too. There are so many people who want to work to make money. Disanza does not think a Depression is imminent because people still want to spend money and be active in the economy. People have to buy things. Things can depreciate, but they will never reach Depression levels.


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