Segment 2


Disanza refused an order one time. They asked them to knock off a group of Japs. They always scouted ahead to make sure they were not walking into an ambush. They had a meeting with a colonel and a 1st lieutenant and sergeant. They all wanted to know what the story was. Disanza informed them that there were too many. They told Disanza that he could have gotten a court martial for refusing an order. Disanza informed them he would rather get a court martial then be dead. They let it simmer for a couple of days and they came back to Disanza. Disanza was always concerned about the men underneath him. Disanza always made sure he got what he needed for his men. When the war was over and Disanza was on his way home he slipped on the ship and broke his leg. He was in the hospital for two months. The doctors told Disanza that he did not have enough calcium in his blood. He drank a lot of milk in the hospital. Disanza entered the Merchant Marines when he was 18 years old. Disanza entered the Merchant Marines in 1940. He was on three different ships: the Floridian, the Chase, and the Middleton [Annotator’s Note: USS Floridian (ID-3875), USS Chase (DE-158), USS Arthur Middleton (APA-25)]. He entered the Army because his mother did not want any more water burials. He ended up in the Army’s Navy. Disanza had long hair when he ran guerilla activities. One day he was close to the Japanese and they were loading trucks. Disanza loaded the trucks next to the Japanese. They had made arrangements to blow the Japanese trucks up. They eliminated as many Japanese as they could. Only once did Disanza refuse to attack a group of Japanese. They blew the trucks up because they were carrying ammunition. Disanza knew that he did not have a chance to knock the Japs off when he refused the order. Disanza immediately joined the Army after leaving the Merchant Marines. One time when Disanza got off of a ship he wanted to rest. He went to a farm in upstate New York by train. Disanza was picked up by a woman in an old Chevrolet. They gave Disanza 11 dollars a week to shovel hay. One time the rope broke that held the hay. The guy was upset he had to go into town to fix the problem. Disanza told him he could repair it himself. Disanza was good with ropes because he had to learn about them in the Merchant Marine. Disanza gave him a long splice and it worked fine. He was so happy he called a buddy to come check it out.


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