Segment 3


On a rainy day Disanza would work around the house. Disanza did a variety of odd jobs with odd solutions and trick that he picked up while he was in the service. Disanza did not want to go on a ship any more. A lot of people think the ocean is beautiful but to Disanza it is no good. The only water Disanza enjoys is a lake that looks like glass. Disanza never bothered going back to sea. He met his wife after the war and got married. Disanza enlisted in the Merchant Marine. He went to the draft board with his brother Vinny. Vinny and Disanza got in an argument, so much so that the cops were called at the draft board. Disanza’s brother wrote a letter for him and himself saying that they wanted to be drafted. Disanza worked on the decks of ships when he was in the Merchant Marine. After his second trip he was listed as an able bodied seaman. He was good at tying ropes. He worked the watch sometimes as well. Disanza got seasick on his first trip. He was working the wheel of the ship and he had to leave to throw up. He got one of his mates to watch the wheel. The guy told him he did not give a damn if he had to throw up he was not to leave the wheel of the ship. Disanza had a pail with him the rest of the time. Disanza was sick for three or four days on his first trip. He was not able to eat anything. They told him he had to put something in his stomach. Disanza ate an entire grapefruit one time skin and all. He made sure to eat well. He notes that the Merchant Marine provided them with great food. Disanza was able to eat barracuda for the first time. It tasted delicious. They worked four hours on, eight hours off. They worked different times. Everyone had to serve watch. Disanza spent a lot of time in the engine room of the ship because he enjoyed learning about engines. The engineers had a tiny bucket where they washed their clothes in the hold of the ship. It was a good life. Disanza collected 50 dollars a week plus hazard pay. Any time they went into enemy waters they got an additional 10 percent on their pay. Disanza always did well. The first port they hit in South Africa was Capetown. The boatswain said to William that he knew he was going in town to find some women. He told Disanza to go to the library in Capetown because libraries hold the prettiest girls and they also happened to be clean. Disanza always had a girl for the USO dances. He picked a girl up in Glasgow, Scotland. She preferred to go to a movie. Disanza still has a picture of her.


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