Segment 5


Disanza was happy to straighten the propeller issue out and get a new one back on. That was an experience they had with problems with the boat. They had two 50 caliber machine guns by the wheelhouse. They also had two twin 30 caliber machine guns on the bow of the ship. They would go up and down the rivers and shoot up anything that was strategic to the enemy. That was the biggest use they had for the boats. Disanza got into the OSS right at the beginning. They wanted three of the top crash boat crews to get shipped overseas. Disanza was told he was going to be in OSS but he had no idea what it meant. Ge was sent to Rockefeller Center. Disanza was in the OSS at this point. Disanza went to General Donovan’s office in Rockefeller Center. He was told to not talk about anything that he was doing. They did a lot of guerilla training. They went out in the field and did guerilla work. He did a lot of the training in Maryland. Disanza’s job as a guerilla was to attack and dismantle small groups of Japanese in a type of covert fashion. They did what they had to do. Nothing stinks worse than a dead Japanese soldier in the jungle. The oil comes out of their skin. Disanza always knew when there were dead Japanese around. When they killed them they got out of there most of the time. Disanza did not wear conspicuous clothing. In the jungle they were instructed to wear long sleeves because of the different types of insects and bushes around. Disanza always wore Army shoes. They were the best to use. His feet would always be soaking wet. Disanza could not wait to sit down and relax for a second. Many times Disanza had to put wet socks back on his feet. If a guy in the outfit did something remarkable like save another man’s life he would be rewarded by the man who was saved with a dry pair of socks. They were a big commodity. Disanza hated the Japanese. They came across a village that the Japanese had left. The Japanese had killed a bunch of the younger men and women in the village. The Japanese had shoved bayonets into the girl’s private areas. Disanza also saw a baby with his head smashed lying by the edge of a tree. Disanza hated the Japanese so much. He sent a scout out to find the Japanese. They found them eating and knocked them all off. The Japanese maimed people after they killed them.


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