Segment 6


They went after the Japanese another time but they were too far away. Disanza hated the Japanese so much he could not believe his eyes when he came home and saw that people were buying Japanese cars and products. Disanza would never buy a Japanese car. Disanza saw what they did and disliked it. Disanza would give them the right time if they asked but that is about it. He does not buy anything from them if he can help it. In today’s world that is kind of hard. Disanza came face to face with a Japanese soldier one time. It was the only time he faced hand to hand combat. Disanza took his knife out and stabbed him in the thigh. Disanza then took the knife out and stabbed the Japanese soldier in the throat. Disanza always thought that it was a good thing that the guy who trained him was better than the guy who trained the man he killed. That was the only time that Disanza fought hand to hand against the Japanese. It took place in Burma. The Japanese did such rotten things. Two or three years ago in the newspaper the Japanese came out and said they were sorry about the atrocities they committed. Disanza would kill them and that would be the end of it. It upset Disanza to see that the Japanese mutilated people they had killed. Disanza does not have nightmares but he occasionally dreams about things he saw. He does not care about it anymore but he does hold a grudge when it comes to Japanese products. Disanza always felt that if he came into a lot of money he would have a Packard handmade. The first car that Disanza got his wife was a 1953 Packard hard top. It was green with a maroon top. It had cream colored seats in it. Disanze did not personally witness babies being killed but he found ones on the ground that had been stabbed. If they got a signal that there were Japanese around they would seek them out and attack them. If nothing was going on they lived in the jungle. The locals hated the Japanese so much that they obliged with information whenever the Americans asked. They ate many different kinds of food. The locals would cook it up and the guys would eat it. Disanza ate python. It was white meat that looked more like chicken. It was good eating. Disanza witnessed the locals capturing a python. They cooked it by roasting it over a fire. Most snake meat is not bad to eat. Out in the field Disanza ate all types of things like grass and roots. Disanza believes that something he ate a while back still gives him diarrhea.


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