Segment 7


Disanza was in a group of guys and they did have multiple outfits in Burma. There was an outfit called the 101 outfit and they had donkeys. They had about 125 guys with them. These guys hit the Japanese group that Disanza was unable to neutralize. It was Disanza and one GI plus a whole bunch of natives. The other GI was of Greek descent. Disanza lost contact with the man. Once they got on the ship they lost contact. Disanza was carried off of the ship at the end of the war because he had broken his leg. Disanza carried a map. He was the strategy guy out of the two man detachment. Disanza would dictate who they would attack and how they would get there. His partner would radio in the attack to headquarters. If they were capable enough to make an attack they would. If they could not attack they did not. Disanza liked the size of his group. Two GIs plus about 15 natives was a good size. Disanza notes that if there were anymore people than that it would have been difficult. Disanza was providing the natives with rifles. They also had carbines and grenades. Every now and then they would radio in for supplies and get an airdrop. Disanza noted that they gave them enough rifles to start their own revolution. At the end of the war Disanza was getting ready for his first parachute drop. They were specially trained for that. Two days before the mission they found out that the war had ended. Disanza used to carry a 32 caliber pistol under his left arm. Disanza always had that with him. When they were camped in a particular place in the field the natives would form a perimeter. Disanza was attacked by mortars one night in a field and he ran like hell. The Japanese were very good with mortars. The Japanese called it a knee mortar but it was not actually anchored by your knee. Once the Japanese bracketed you it was tough. Disanza never had to use his sidearm in combat. Disanza never attacked Japanese with knives. He shot first. Disanza never slept sound. Even in deep sleep he felt like he had one eye open. One of Disanzas officers was gay and he made a move on another man. He was court-martialed. Disanza was a sergeant.


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