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In 1940 Holloman had attempted to volunteer for the Canadian Air Force. He filled out the application and his father signed it but his mother refused because he was under 18, therefore he was denied. Holloman had started flying at the age of 16 in 1940. When he turned 18 in 1942 he didn't need any permission to join. In June 1943 he reported to Jefferson Barracks and was sent from there to Keesler Field [Annotator's Note: Keesler Field, Mississippi]. Holloman was sent to Tuskegee to go to the university. Since the class was short 10 cadets for training, he was sent to Tuskegee Army Air Field and became a cadet. From then on it was training, training, and more training.If they missed a flying day due to bad weather then they would fly on Sundays. After preflight training they returned to the Tuskegee Institute for primary. They had started out with 128 cadets at Keesler, at the start of preflight they were down to 74, and when they finished preflight they were down to 72. Cadets washed out for various reasons. By the time they had completed primary they were down to 38 or 39. They lost 5 more in basic and 2 more in advanced both of who washed out just before graduation. Holloman heard rumors that there had been quotas for graduation. His class captain was washed out. Most of the cadets in his class were 18 years old and some of the student officers were in their early 20s.The first fighter Holloman flew was the P-40 [Annotator's Note: Curtiss P-40 "Tomahawk" fighter aircraft]. After the P-40 Holloman trained in the P-47 [Annotator's Note: Republic P-47 "Thunderbolt" fighter aircraft]. Holloman shipped out of New York Harbor and went on a convoy to Italy. When he landed in Italy he was sent to Ramitelli.


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