Segment 6


Holloman returned to active duty with the stipulation that he be retained for five years so he could retire. The army agreed and Holloman was commissioned a Lieutenant Colonel.After Vietnam, Holloman did a tour of duty in Germany. After leaving the service he opened his own flying school. Holloman still flies at air shows. He was too busy learning to fly at Tuskegee to worry about segregation. Some of his classmates did go into town. He did not. Holloman met a former Tuskegee flight instructor in Branson, Missouri in 1985 who unofficially admitted that they had a quota. The wife of another instructor who lived in Seattle where Holloman lived told him, unofficially, that there had been a quota at Tuskegee. Holloman had gone overseas aboard the USS Grant which had been a cruise ship before the war. The ships cabins had been reconfigured for wartime use. When he returned to the United States from Italy, Holloman was aboard a Victory ship and made the trip in 9 days, half the time it took to get over there.On the return trip there was no nervousness. On the trip over, they spent their days training. On the way back they just enjoyed themselves.When Holloman arrived in Italy, all 7 fighter groups were in the Foggia area and the 21 bomb groups were south of them. The people in the area were short of food. Holloman only experienced one German bombing attack. They had received advance notice and had taken cover by the time the Germans got there.There were 18 to 20 guys who were all under 21. Holloman jokes that Hitler said, "They are sending kids over here, we'd better quit." Holloman had arrived in Italy at the end of February [Annotator’s Note: 1945] and started flying combat missions in March.


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