Servicemen riding a M8 Greyhound

Gift in memory of Joe Harold Powell, M.D.

Photograph. A large group of servicemen sitting on top of a Ford M8 Greyhound while it drives down a dirt road. Empty fields are on either side of the road. Location unknown. No date

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Items from the service of Technician Third Grade Joe Powell, who served as a medic in the 2nd Infantry Division in the European Theater of Operations. Joe Harold Powell, M.D., was born on 15 February 1916 in Pine, Texas. He moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, in 1938, before enlisting in the United States Army on 10 April 1942. The 2nd Infantry Division was sent to the United Kingdom to prepare for Operation Overlord in October 1943. The division landed on Omaha Beach on 7 June 1944 and continued through France, participating in the Battle of Brest. In October, the division entered Germany and remained there until May 1945. It then entered Czechoslovakia before returning to the United States in July. After the war, Powell earned his M.D. and moved to Mississippi. He remained there until his death on 22 July 1987 in the city of Bay St. Louis. Items from the collection include a 2nd Infantry Division patch and photographs of Powell’s time in New Orleans, Northern Ireland, England, France, Switzerland, and Germany.
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M8 armored car--Europe