Agile on land, the LVT tank [Landing vehicle, tracked] is doubly formidable through its outstanding features of being able to travel on water, March 1944

U.S. Navy Official photograph, Gift of Charles Ives, from the Collection of The National World War II Museum

278.Photograph. LVT [Landing vehicle, tracked]. 'File No. OOR-44970 March 9, 1944 New 'Water Buffalo' joins the 'Fleet'--- These official U. S. Navy photographs portray the capabilities and characteristics of the new amphibious tank, known as the LVT(A)-1. Differing from earlier styles of the 'Water Buffalo' in that it has a turret 'superstructure', armored vehicle boasts a 37mm cannon and two .50 caliber machine guns for armament. Agile on land, the tank is doubly formidable through its outstanding features of being able to travel on water. Already the craft has played a contributing role in the successful invasion of enemy strongholds in the Pacific, as the Allied standards march West to Tokyo and East to Berlin, the squat, hard-hitting new comer will appear in growing numbers on both sea and land manned by Army troops and Marines. The three guns of the new tank fire in unison to send a solid stream of death at their target, shattering the night and the quiet with light and sound.' 9 March 1944


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The Charles Ives Collection consists of 719 photographs from the Pacific Theater of WWII. Many of the photographs were taken between 1944 and 1945. Mr. Ives inherited the photographs from a friend from Marblehead, Massachusetts who served as an aviator in the Army Air Corps and discharged as a Major in 1945.
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Tracked landing vehicles--American
Tanks (Military science)--American
Machine guns
Artillery (Weaponry)--American