Civilian men eating on the ground

Gift in Memory of Benjamin Pick

Photograph a group of men and boys sitting in a circle around plates of food. Location unknown. No date

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Items from the service of Corporal Benjamin Pick, who served as an ambulance driver with the 113th General Hospital of the Persian Gulf Command in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations. Pick was born on 16 June 1905 in Queens, New York, New York. He was a truck driver in New York until he was inducted into the United States Army on 8 August 1942. In March 1943, Pick was shipped off the Mediterranean Theater and arrived in May. While there, Pick was stationed in Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, and Iran. He remained overseas until May 1945 and arrived back in the United States in June. On 2 September 1945, Pick was honorably discharge from the Army and returned to New York. He eventually moved to Palm Beach, Florida, and remained there until his death on 12 November 1997. Items from the collection include documents, personal correspondence, and discharge papers.
Middle East
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Men--Middle East