German POWs marching through Munich, Germany, 1945

Gift in Memory of G.T. Hennings

Photograph. Recently captured German prisoners of war marching down a street, a civilian [left] and American serviceman lead the POWs. Official caption on front: "WTO HQ-45-35641." Confidential stamp of reverse. Official caption on reverse: "ETO HQ 45 35641 30 Apr / Credit... Signal Corps Photo / Photog... T/5 Brazle J McCroby Jr (163) / A small group of German P.W.s come walking down a street in Munich under guard of a civilian with white armband and also with an American soldier. The streets, buildings and windows are filled with white flags, put out as soon as the Americans were in sight. / Seventh Army, XV Corps, 1st Bn., 30th Inf. Regt., 3rd Div., Munich, Germany." Munich, Germany. 30 April 1945

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Items from the service of Staff Sergeant Gerald Hennings, who served in the 3rd Infantry Division in the European Theater of Operations. Gerald Thomas "G.T." Hennings was born on 22 March 1920 in Chicago, Illinois. He was residing in St. Louis, Missouri, when he enlisted in the United States Army circa 1941. He was assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division and participated in the Battle of Anzio as well as the campaigns through France and Germany. After returning to the United States, Hennings moved to New Orleans and remained there until his death on 29 January 2010. The collection consists of souvenirs that Hennings collected while in Europe. These souvenirs include a knife, armband, tablecloth, shot glass, two unit history books, and Army Signal Corps photographs.
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Prisoners of war--German--Germany