William Denmire standing in a makeshift camp, New Guinea, 1944

Gift in Memory of William H. Denmire

Photograph. William Denmire posing on a dirt path between tents; two servicemen are walking in the background. Personal caption on reverse: "New Guinea 1944 / Fresh arrival to start building main base." New Guinea. 1944

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Items from the service of Staff Sergeant William Denmire, who served as a machinist in the 153rd Construction Battalion in the Pacific Theater of Operations. William Harold Denmire was born on 21 July 1916 in Richmond, Indiana. He was inducted into the United States Army on 14 August 1943 and officially entered active service on 4 September. After his training in Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, and Camp Robinson, Arkansas, Denmire was assigned the 153rd and shipped out from San Francisco for New Guinea in March 1944. The 153rd remained in New Guinea from May to October and then sent to the Philippines in November. In 1945, the unit was sent to Yokohama, Japan, and remained there until January 1946. Denmire was honorably discharged on 19 April 1946 and moved to Detroit, Michigan. He eventually moved to Florida, where he remained until his death on 10 April 1988. Items from the collection include, discharge papers, certificates, military correspondence, and photographs from Denmire’s service in New Guinea and the Philippines. Note: The bulk of the photographs include captions by an individual who was not Denmire, and some of the information is likely inaccurate.
New Guinea
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Military camps--American--New Guinea