Martha O'Driscoll poses with rationed goods and a uniformed soldier, 1943

Gift in Memory of Martha O'Driscoll

Photograph. Martha O'Driscoll sitting with unidentified 11th Armored Division soldier and suitcase of rationed supplies such as eggs, coffe candy, etc. Printed caption on photo front: "Printed in the United States of America - © 1943, Universal Pictures Co., Inc. - Permission granted for newspaper and magazine reproductions." Presumably homefront. 1943

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Martha O'Driscoll was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 4, 1922. She was an American film actress from 1937 until 1947. She toured with Errol Flynn and other entertainers in the USO in the early 1940s, performing for the troops in the Aleutians in 1943 and later in the South Pacific. She married her first husband, Richard Adams, in 1943. They were divorced in 1947, and later that year she married Arthur Appleton. O'Driscoll was under contract to Universal Studios during World War II. Collection includes over 200 photographs related to O'Driscoll's time overseas; four certificates awarded to her for her service, and many newspaper clippings detailing her life in the public eye.